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Below are some of the pieces of work that were posted up on the noticeboard at words 2008.

If you would like to submit to the online noticeboard, please do so via the comments box below.

Autumn Storm

By Duncan MacFarlane

Quiet and still in the darkest night us
Lovers two by the firelight about to
Embrace. Suddenly a flash of lightning
Radiates our privacy with fear, our hearts
Race at the thunderous bang.
Silence returns slowly followed by the
Steady build up of a howling wind.
Leaves and branches are flying about as
Trees bend to and fro.
Whoosh, whoosh, whistled the wind as it
Thrashed our little cottage.
Windows shaking violently, the door
Looking as if it is ready to be blown off its
Hinges. We wish to run but it’s so dark and cold the
Glow of the moon has faded and the power
Lines are down. We dare not move, the lightning
May return, and the rain is splashing down
Driven by the howling wind.
What is this noise that has increased our
Fear? Is is the hounds of Hell come to toll
The bell of death?
Now just as we think our time has come
We recognise that ghostly sound, it’s the
Old barn owl.
This autumn storm has brought the spirits of
The night. Happy Hallowe’en.

Up to the attic
(to be read from the bottom up)

By Berfin Saklar

by themselves
and close
can open ouch!
books which
“click” “clock”

The noise of the thunder
on my old book
ants crawling
swiggly bees buzz
creepy silence
not for me
up to attic

The old man

By Aziz Doum

Sitting alone in a garden with 70 years of memories, an old man drew a line in the soil towards his old village. He set off walking away thinking of his present that he was dreaming of. His sons are now discussing the elderly care house costs. He went away back home with a present of a stick, glasses, and memories. Few days later, a nomad found a stick, glasses with no memories. He sold them all in the same village market to a new ambitious immigrant.


By Bianca

There was a mouse that lived in a house
That mouse loved cheese. When it
Saw Cheese, its eyes went gold.

Banana poems

These poems were all produced in workshop where the work was originally written on bananas…


By Leela Soma

Picked out of a bunch
Uprooted, transported across ocean waves.
Curved, bent in despair, yellowed, mellowed
Stripped of his natural landscape
In Glasgow’s greyness now bereft
He awaits a new life in a strange land

Eat that sunset

By Ian Faller

Sunset yellow (Tartrazine) –
I read it in a magazine –
Not the stuff to give your kids
Especially if they’re prone to fits

Sunset over Aberdeen
The northern lights I’ve never seen
I saw a picture once – bizarre
As if God, or some avatar

Had had a rather nasty crash
Hit some heavenly black-ice patch
And skidded across the sky

Leaving behind a trail
A ghostly streak of silver shale
The sky went left, but God went right
I hope he had his seat-belt on that night


By Patricia McCarthy

The fruit of shape, good geometric
curve and arc.
Muted colour to co-ordinate
as golden feathered textured shoes,
A fashionable lady’s accessory?
Yet more to most,
convenience food, an easy
unzipped meal in a moment.
Modern, yes!
but nutritious – not just a pretty shape.
Taste to tantalise, satisfy
a hungry moment.
Simply glorious banana!
A smile says it all


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